NS-2000 Sensor Controller

Drawings and Documents

The NS2000 is a single channel stand-alone electronic module for driving the NX and NC NanoSensor series. It operates by measuring the change in capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor and outputs an analogue voltage proportional to the NanoSensor gap. The voltage output varies linearly between -5V and +5V as the sensor gap changes from 50% to 150% of the nominal NanoSensor gap, this scaling is user settable. Its compact size, stand alone operation and high resolution makes this ideal for upgrading existing systems where Nanopositioning is required.

  • Sub-nanometre position resolution
  • Zero hysteresis
  • User adjustable measurement bandwidth (50Hz, 500Hz or 5kHz)
  • User adjustable amplifier gain (for applications that do not use the full measuring range)
  • Selectable long (‘-L’) or short (‘- S’) measuring range (2pF or 10pF capacitance)
  • Compact stand-alone module