NPS-Z-500A Long Range 500 Micron Stage


The NPS-Z-500A Long Range 500 Micron Stage is a nanopositioning stage with integrated capacitive position sensors for operation in closed loop. Making use of Queensgate’s Dual Sensor TechnologyTM, it has been specifically designed to deliver long displacement – up to 500μm linear motion in the vertical axis – with a step and settle time of less than 20ms.

Capacitive position sensors and an advanced flexure design result in a highly linear device with outstanding resolution, repeatability, stiffness and stability at the nanometre level. Low off-axis errors and a high resonant frequency further enhance the performance of this advanced design.

  • 500μm closed loop displacement
  • True 200Hz unloaded resonant frequency
  • Highly parallel motion with minimal off-axis deviation
  • Queensgate NanoSensors®
  • <3nm position noise 0.01% linearity 0.02% residual hysteresis
  • Removable ball tip ends for use as an actuator
  • Customizable packages, vacuum and low temperature versions available
  • NPC-D-5200 Digital Controller
  • NPC-D-6000 Series