NPS-XYZ-100A/15H Hollow Three Axis Stage


The NPS-XYZ-100A/15H Hollow Three Axis Stage adds an integrated Z axis stage to the NPS-XY-100A whilst maintaining the 10mm clear aperture. The entire system is constructed from Super Invar. This arrangement offers over 100 microns of closed loop travel in x and y with over 15 microns closed loop travel in the z axis.

The flexible modularity of the Queensgate NanoMechanisms result in a number of possible XYZ combinations, each with specific features that make then suitable for different types of high resolution microscopy. Each of the products has Ultra-low parasitic rotations and out of plane motion, superb repeatability and simple image calibration.

It has been specifically designed to deliver an optical taper right into the focal plane of the sample under test and provides a sophisticated and easy to implement solution for new and existing NSOM users.

Coupled with a range of interfacing options to our closed loop digital controller, this system provides a sophisticated and easy to implement solution for high resolution optical microscopy.

The NPS-XYZ-100A/15H is made up from the NPS-XY-100A, NPS-Z-15H and interface bracket.


  • Sub-nanometer accuracy positioning and stability in X, Y and Z axes
  • 10 mm clear aperture
  • >100 microns range (XY) >15 microns range (Z)
  • Ultra-low hysteresis or linearity errors <0.005%
  • Simple implementation, easy image calibration
  • In-situ optimization of stage scanning response
  • Exceptional short- and long- term stability
  • Super Invar construction


  • Digital, analogue and serial control option
  • Ultra low noise and low drift electronics
  • LabView and DLL libraries
  • Optical fiber chucks and adapter plates for custom configurations


  • High Precision Microscopy, Transmission microscopy, Optical Trapping
  • NSOM, AFM and Two Photon microscopy
  • NPC-D-6000 Series