NPS-Theta–2A Tilting 2 mrad Stage


The Queensgate NPS-Theta-2A Tilting 2 mrad Stage has been developed for applications requiring ultra-high precision positioning of mirrors in optical inspection and imaging systems.

The mirror is simply fixed onto the tilting platform of the stage to provide > 2 milliradians of travel with sub micro-radian resolution. Low moving masses and optimized closed-loop control offer exceptional response times for high speed application. Flexible digital closed loop electronics allow response optimization to be performed in-situ.

  • 2 milli-radians range with sub micro-radian resolution
  • Enclosed mechanism for high stability and reliability
  • Bandwidth >750Hz
  • Small signal settle times < 1 ms
  • Simple flexure design for low cost/high volume applications
  • EEPROM with stage calibration data for ‘plug and play’ ability
  • Low noise and low drift electronics
  • Precision beam steering
  • Image jitter correction
  • NPC-D-6000 Series