Accurate Quantitative Imaging with the LumaSpec 800

Learn more about how the LumaSpec 800 Optical Power Meter is providing quantitative spectral data to track performance of a light source in a biopharmaceutical laboratory. Download datasheet

Prior Scientific Announces Accessories for New Nikon Ts2R Microscope

For applications requiring highly accurate and precise XY sample positioning, the Prior Scientific H117 microscope stage delivers top performance on the Nikon Ts2R over a travel range of 114 x 75 mm whilst Prior’s proprietary Intelligent Scanning Technology enables Nikon Ts2R users to further increase accuracy to 10 nm resolution with a mean repeatability of […]

Flat Top Motorised Stage for Upright Microscopes

The thin, flat design of the H101F stage maximises obstruction free space, enabling easy and convenient sample loading / unloading, as well as unimpeded 360 degrees rotation of the microscope nosepiece and objectives without the risk of damage to the microscope, stage, inserts or the sample itself. Ultra low profile sample holders facilitate the use […]

Prior Scientific releases new Neuroscience Brochure

Prior’s Neuroscience Brochure has been updated to describe our newly expanded range of equipment. For neuroscientists and electrophysiologists that strive to achieve the best results, Prior Scientific offers a top quality range of highly accurate motorised positioning stages, height adjustable post mounts, micromanipulators, focusing and illumination devices for use with their microscope system. Download brochure

Fast 10 position filter wheel for fluorescence microscopy

Filtering of excitation and emission light is vital in fluorescence microscopy. The HF110A/32 filter wheel from Prior Scientific offers a way to quickly and precisely change the wavelengths of light that your sample is exposed to. The filter wheel takes less than 95 milliseconds to move between adjacent positions on the filter wheel, enabling the end […]

New Equipment added for Neuroscience

Prior Scientific’s Rigid Post Mounts provide a simple, versatile and stable set up for electrophysiology and neuroscience applications. Without the use of tools, the height and orientation can be rapidly adjusted/ A mounting stand 150 mm tall, with an additional 70 mm of travel, is available, as are stands 200 mm tall (with 1230 mm […]

ZDeck Platform Provides the Ideal Solution for In-vivo Image Application

Prior Scientific reports that its collaboration with Neurotar (Helsinki, Finland) has produced a seamlessly integrated solution for in vivo microscopic imaging in the brain of awake and moving rodents. The solution is based upon Prior’s ultra-stable and easily adjustable ZDeck platform. Neurotar’s Mobile HomeCage™ is an accessory device for microscopy and electrophysiology, which enables high […]

Prior Scientific’s Application Overviews

Scientists working in disciplines as diverse as geology and neuroscience benefit from the precision, accuracy and efficiency provided by Prior Scientific. To show how Prior equipment is used, a series of six, one page application overviews are now available, covering the uses of our well plate loader in neuroscience and drug discovery, our slide loader in cancer screening, the OptiScan […]

Artist using Prior equipment featured in Infocus Magazine

Prior Scientific’s OptiScan® controller together with the  associated microscope stage and focus motor have been used to create stunning artistic designs. Using this equipment, Richard Weston, a former Professor of Architecture at Cardiff University (UK) has acquired high magnification images of minerals, such as agate, fluorite, and calcite, to produce unique designs for a range […]

47 mm Sample Holder from Prior Scientific.

Prior Scientific has announced a new 47 mm filter sample holder for its H101A microscope stage.   Inspection of filters is critical in many industrial processes. This process is vital for fulfilling the requirements of regulations, such as ISO 16232, which covers the characterisation and measurement of particulate contamination of the parts, components and assemblies which make up […]