Prior Introduces Translation Stage

Providing a method to precisely move microscopes whilst allowing the sample to remain stationary, the Microscope Translation Stage from Prior Scientific is compatible with all modern research microscopes. It is particularly useful for electrophysiological and neuroscientific applications, where it is essential that the sample remain as vibration-free as possible to allow accurate analysis. Download datasheet

Microscope Stage for Productive Microplate Imaging

Offering precise movement (repeatability 0.7 µm) in the X and Y axis (280 x 80 mm), the H139 is the perfect tool for labs tasked with precise microscopic examination of larger numbers of microplates or microscope slides, and gives users a uniquely powerful combination of precision, speed and convenience. Designed for use with leading models […]

Prior Scientific ‘One to Watch’

Based on a company’s growth in turnover, the list of 25 companies includes businesses across Cambridgeshire and features Prior Scientific as one experiencing impressive growth. More information about this story can be found on the Cambridge News Website.

Accurate & Precise Microscope Stage for Electronics Material Testing

Fully compatible with a wide range of microscopes the H112 can easily accommodate wafers up to 12-inches (300mm) in diameter, or samples up to 25kg in weight, and works with many robot arm wafer loaders. Furthermore, the large (250 x 250mm) transmitted light area allows transmitted, as well as reflected, light applications to be performed. The large […]

Microscope Stage for Precision Mapping of Large Samples

Delivering precise motorized movement in steps as small as 0.04 microns, the H105 stage is adaptable with a variety of sample holders, and the stage can be used with many of the larger upright microscopes or optical systems. The H105 provides an extensive travel range of 154mm x 154mm (6″ x 6″) and an impressive […]


To aid researchers, Prior has introduced breadboard wings which extend the surface area of the best selling H117 stage for inverted microscopes, allowing the end user to create the exact experimental set up required. The breadboard format of these wings (M6 tapped holes with 25 mm spacing) allows the easy mounting of a wide range […]

Linear Motor Stages Set New Standard for Microscope Automation

Prior Scientific has announced that the Core Imaging Facility at the UK’s prestigious National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) has chosen a Prior HLD117 linear motor stage to be the sample platform at the centre of a new system based around an Olympus IX83 microscope. NIMR ( is one of the world’s leading medical research institutes. It is […]

Prior products used for artistic microscopy

Richard takes high magnification images of minerals, such as agate, fluorite, and calcite, and uses these images to produce designs for a range of products, such as scarves, glass panels, and in one case a facade for a three story house in London. By using the Prior stage and stepper motor, Richard reports, he can […]

XY Stages from Prior Scientific for the New Nikon Ts2R Intermediate Sized Inverted Research Microscope

Prior Scientific is pleased to announce that both the ProScanTM H117 high precision motorized flat top stage and the IS102/103 OptiScanTM series microscope automation components are compatible with the new Ts2R and Ts2R-FL inverted research microscopes from Nikon. The Eclipse Ts2R is a compact inverted research microscope that is configurable with a wide variety of […]