ProScan®- High Precision Microscope Automation

Typical applications of high precision microscope automation: FISH, Immunocytochemistry


This high precision microscope automation system includes a motorized stage, fluorescence capability and brightfield illumination which provides advanced automation of your microscope. It’s the ideal system for advanced imaging!

The flat top (H101F) stage guarantees high quality precision. The piezo stage (SP400/SP600/SP800) gives precise movement of the sample in the Z axis, while the focus motor (PS3H122R) offers fast movement over a wider Z range. The user can perform high quality Z stacking applications using this system. Brightfield LED provides excellent illumination for other contrast techniques.

The filters, shutters, stage, and focus motor are all controlled via the ProScan III – the high precision microscope automation system, that allows for advanced imaging techniques and long term, walk away experiments.

Download the ProScan III High Precision Microscope Automation Brochure Here