Electrophysiology Microscope Systems

Typical Electrophysiology/Neuroscience Microscope System Applications:

Electrophysiology Platform with XY stepper Motor Stage 
Electrophysiology Platform with Fixed Top 
HZP Series Adjustable Rigid Post Mounts
Electrophysiology Platform with Manual XY stage
uM Series Micromanipulators 
Adjustable Height Stage Platform for Electrophysiology
50 x 50 mm Travel Stepper Motor Microscope Translation Stage
OpenStand Electrophysiology Solution

Prior electrophysiology microscope systems offers a wide range of components for physiology and neuroscience, providing a vast range of potential setups. Our range of precision stages and motorized manual and fixed electrophysiology decks, we also supply micromanipulators, mounting posts, and platforms; which can be build around our versatile OpenStand® solution. Our equipment is designed to meet your needs and techniques across a wide range of disciplines including physiology, neuroscience and electrophysiology allowing a modular approach to build your system. We meet the needs of researchers by offering a system that can be easily rearranged as your requirements change.