XY Stages from Prior Scientific for the New Nikon Ts2R Intermediate Sized Inverted Research Microscope

Prior Scientific is pleased to announce that both the ProScanTM H117 high precision motorized flat top stage and the IS102/103 OptiScanTM series microscope automation components are compatible with the new Ts2R and Ts2R-FL inverted research microscopes from Nikon. The Eclipse Ts2R is a compact inverted research microscope that is configurable with a wide variety of […]

Accurate Quantitative Imaging with the LumaSpec 800

Learn more about how the LumaSpec 800 Optical Power Meter is providing quantitative spectral data to track performance of a light source in a biopharmaceutical laboratory. Download datasheet

ZDeck Platform Provides the Ideal Solution for In-vivo Image Application

Prior Scientific reports that its collaboration with Neurotar (Helsinki, Finland) has produced a seamlessly integrated solution for in vivo microscopic imaging in the brain of awake and moving rodents. The solution is based upon Prior’s ultra-stable and easily adjustable ZDeck platform. Neurotar’s Mobile HomeCage™ is an accessory device for microscopy and electrophysiology, which enables high […]

Introducing The Lumen 100-LED Fluorescence Illumination System

The new Lumen 100-LED illuminator provides advanced, high quality illumination for a wide range of fluorescence microscopy applications. With a 25,000 hour lifetime, the Lumen 100-LED offers a broad array of LED’s covering wavelengths throughout the visible spectrum and is suitable for the majority of fluorophores used in fluorescence applications.  A wide range of adapters are available to […]